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Hebrew Writings

Biblical Hebrew

  • For those interested in exploring ancient texts, our Biblical Hebrew course is perfect for delving into the depths of the Bible in Hebrew.

  • Starting Mid-January 2024

  • Discover the nuances of biblical language and gain insights into the ancient texts that have shaped history.

  • Whether you prefer the comfort of attending the classes at our offices in the central area of Singapore or the affordability of hosting the course at your institution, we've got you covered.

  • Sign up now for Mordy's 8-week program, and reach out to us for more information. 


Hebrew Wonders Await:

- Shalom Point's 2-Month Biblical Course

- 45 SGD per Session, per Participant. 

- Trial Course on an Honorarium Basis. 

WhatsApp ShalomPoint to book a trial now.

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