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Hebrew for Schools

  • Welcome to "Hebrew for Schools" at Shalom Point: Unlocking the Richness of Hebrew in Singapore's Classrooms.

  • Discover our innovative program designed to introduce Hebrew lessons tailored for schools in Singapore.

  • Led by experienced Hebrew Teacher Ella Maayan, who spent years in Israel and now resides in Singapore, our highly qualified teachers provide an engaging learning environment.

  • Immerse your students in the vibrant world of Hebrew, fostering language proficiency and intercultural understanding. Our comprehensive curriculum covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening, with interactive activities and authentic materials.

  • Embrace linguistic diversity and expand horizons by incorporating Hebrew into your school's curriculum. Our program equips students with language skills and cultural fluency, opening doors to historical, literary, and musical exploration.

  • Join us at Shalom Point, where "Hebrew for Schools" empowers students to become confident global citizens. Let's bridge cultures and embark on an exciting Hebrew language adventure together.

Classroom Furnitures
Acrilic Paints
School Backpack
Art Fun
Green Board

Why Us?

"Hebrew for Schools" stands as Singapore's top choice for Hebrew language education. Here's why we're the best:

  • Expert Guidance: Led by Ella Ma'ayan, our experienced Hebrew Teacher, and a team of qualified educators ensure top-quality learning.

  • Complete Learning: Our curriculum covers reading, writing, speaking, and listening, ensuring a holistic approach to Hebrew education.

  • Dynamic Learning: We create an immersive environment through interactive activities, personalized attention, and authentic materials.

  • Cultural Richness: Explore Hebrew beyond language - delve into traditions, history, and heritage for cultural fluency.

  • Global Readiness: Learn Hebrew for global opportunities, fostering appreciation for diverse cultures and a global perspective.

  • Join "Hebrew for Schools" at Shalom Point for a transformative Hebrew learning journey. Experience expert guidance, comprehensive learning, a vibrant environment, cultural depth, and global readiness – the best Hebrew education in Singapore.

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