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Shalom Point's Rosh Hashana Celebration

13 September, 2023 

Harmony in Diversity Gallery, Singapore 

Supported by: Jewish Welfare Board Singapore, Inter-Religious Organization Singapore; Harmony in Diversity Gallery, Singapore. 

Guests of honor: H.E. Israeli Ambassador to Singapore, Mr. Eli Vered Hazan; Chief Rabbi of Singapore, Rabbi Mordechai Abergel. 

Pomegranate Flower Buds
צילום מסך 2023-09-22 ב-17.06.56.png

Shalom Point's team would like to extend their gratitude to the 20 participants who attended Mordy Miller's talk on September 21st, discussing reincarnation in Jewish tradition (in Hebrew). This talk was part of a Hebrew workshop introducing Kabbalah. Join our upcoming English workshops on topics such as Biblical holidays, Israeli culture, and Introduction to Talmud by clicking here.


A special tour of the Eurasian Heritage Gallery

At the special tour of the Eurasian Heritage Gallery, Mr. Percival Shepherdson and Mr. Christian Eber, representing the Eurasian community, graciously presented Mordy Miller, Founder of Shalom Point, and Mr. Gerald Francis Kong, a distinguished member of the Singapore Catholic community, with a meaningful token of appreciation. This token symbolized the deep connection and mutual respect between these communities and served as a lasting reminder of their shared experience during the event.

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