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This exquisite Birkat Habayit (Blessing of the Home) wall art, shaped like a Hamsa and adorned with intricate Jerusalem symbols, features the following Hebrew blessing:


'At this entrance, may success and security come in. With this arrival, may abundance and livelihood follow. With this labor, may blessings enter. In this corner, may the divine presence dwell. In this place, may there be blessing and peace.'


'בזה הפתח בהצלחה לבטח, בזאת הכניסה שפע ופרנסה. בזאת המלאכה תבוא הברכה. בזאת הפינה תשרה השכינה. בזה המקום ברכה ושלום.'


Hang this beautiful piece in your home to welcome success, prosperity, and a sense of divine presence into your living space.

Hebrew Blessing of the Home: Birkat Habayit Wall Art

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